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LST Code of Conduct

All activities of the LST are conducted through scientific, creative, and open-minded discussions and dialogues with all individuals involved (hereinafter referred to as participants). We promote equal opportunities and fair treatment for all participants, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity/nationality, religion, age, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, or any other reason unrelated to scientific achievements. Participants should engage with others with professional respect and equal consideration in both written and verbal communication, and should always be kind to others. Insulting or belittling other participants is strictly prohibited. All communications should be appropriate for both younger and older readers and listeners from diverse backgrounds. Participants must promptly comply if asked to cease any behavior that violates this code of conduct. The organizers of LST-related activities are responsible for addressing any participant who violates the code of conduct. Participants wishing to report a breach of the code of conduct should inform the organizers of the activity.

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